Rebecca Cox - UX Designer
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Tool to visualise international language searches


I like to create a simple "word cloud" for a site's top 250 search terms (organic or site search). Its a more visual and accessible* way to look at this rich customer data than using a spreadsheet or expecting that stakeholders will view this information within Google Analytics.

user experience, marketing, analytics (x2), 分析論 customers, clientes, الزبائن google analytics, optimisation, improve, 改善 (x2), verbessern, strategy, 戦略 tātari

I usually use Wordle, but in cases where you need to support a wide range of languages and character sets, try - an example cloud created using this tool is above.

* Accessible in the sense of being a simple visual format. To make the content accessible to anyone who cannot see the word cloud image, use alt text or make the text file used to create it available as an alternative format.