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Privacy - your use of this website

I automatically collect data about usage of this website, this includes information about: pages viewed, web browsers used, and how people get to the website, and is used to review usage and optimise the website for visitors. You can opt out of this type of data collection (by this and other websites) by disabling cookies in your web browser.

However, you should be aware that most websites including this one also collect a "log file" of visits, which does not require cookies to be enabled in the visitors web browser. These logs include the IP addresses of visitors.

You can contact me to ask for a copy of any information held about you resulting from your use of this website. Contact me by emailing

UX research / Usability Testing and Privacy

When I conduct usability testing and other user research activities, personal information is likely to be collected, from a participant's name to their interests and web browsing habits. I always take care to anonymise anything which could identify a research participant in writeups and analysis.

When research involves making recordings of participants, I recommend giving participants options with regard to their privacy, for example:

  1. Session recordings to be accessed by the Usability Analyst only
  2. Session recordings can be accessed and viewed by anyone within the organisation the research is for
  3. Open access - anyone can view session recordings.

I will always discuss with the commissioning organisation, the legal, ethical and cultural requirements around privacy for research participants, during the initial stages of a research project.