Rebecca Cox - UX Designer
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Ecommerce UX research & design

A UX research process and website design mockups for an art supplies store targeting professional artists. 

User research includes interviews, observing customers as they use competitor websites, and shadowing instore, in order to understand customer behaviour, needs, and pain points as illustrated in the profile below.

Persona profile - professional artist

Following the user research and analysis of the market potential, the design process fleshes out each step in the user journey, with the creation of customer centric journey maps and task flows.

Screen designs are developed with user testing along the way. 

Website page design mockups

Click the thumbnails below for samples of the website and mobile design which is clean, stylish and professional - a world away from the ugly and cluttered look of what's usually offered in this space. 

Behind the scenes, the transactional emails in the purchase process are used to build the relationship with the customer, by offering relevant expertise and recommendations - addressing some of the other needs and preferences as shown above in the user profile.