Rebecca Cox - UX Designer
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He kōwhiringa i te reo - Language chooser

A prototype for an approach to working with te reo Māori and English translations in website navigation and page layouts.

This setup gives you a couple of extra steps which have a combination of the two languages, in between the English/Māori options at either end. 

The goal is to support people who're at different levels of fluency in te reo Māori.

Te reo chooser

To get an idea of how this might work, click on the thumbnails below which show samples of screens at each level:

  1. English, with bilingual main navigation
  2. English, with a little extra te reo Māori
  3. Dual English + te reo Māori
  4. Te reo Māori 

This is a simple example which assumes that the te reo Māori and English content are translations of each other. 

Check out the clickable prototype (if you're on mobile view the mobile clickable prototype).

Note this is an initial prototype to explore an idea, it's not a finished design for implementation.

And please be gentle with my te reo, it's not perfect (I'm still learning!)