Rebecca Cox - UX Designer
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Workshops & interviews

Gathering feedback, experiences, needs & dreams from stakeholders, customers, experts and others, to inform projects, identify opportunities, and ensure that what's designed is great for end-users and the business. 

Usability testing & UX research

UX research interviews and workshops, usability testing & analytics to:

I have a toolbox of techniques that I'm happy to use, but for any project - what I do depends on the questions you're looking to answer, what's practical, and how you prefer to work.

Project documentation

Do you need a large amount of information from multiple stakeholders to be analysed and presented, with clear attribution and without loss of detail? I can offer:

Information architecture & UX design

I can help you to organise the content of your website, app or knowledge base. This involves:

Depending on the structure of your organisation and project, I can work collaboratively with your team or more independently.