Rebecca Cox - UX Designer
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UX to support teachers and schools

Through project work for CORE Education, I've been privileged to contribute to a number of resources to support teachers in New Zealand primary and secondary schools. 

Always working from and advocating for the user perspective, my work on these projects falls into three main categories:

Scoping for new resources

Research projects exploring how resources on a new topic could best fit in with and extend teaching and learning, with input from teachers, industry experts, and sometimes even students! 
These projects have been on a range of topics such as the primary industries, emergency management, and technology.
They usually involve a combination of interviews, workshops and desktop research.

UX design

Coming up with ways to organise content in a way that supports teachers' priorities and tasks, as well as site owner goals; designing page layouts and user task flows; and addressing problems that have been discovered through usability testing & feedback.

Usability testing

Finding out how existing websites and resources are used, what's useful and what's not so good about them, so that we can apply this learning to improving existing resources and when designing new ones. 

Further information

Get in touch with me for more information about the type of work I've done on these projects, and the benefits that a user-centric approach can bring.